Sant Darshan Singh


Sant Darshan Singh

Sant Darshan Singh, not only a great mystic but was acclaimed as the foremost poet of mystic verse writing in the Urdu language in India. He wrote hundreds of poems, which were published in five collections over a thirty year period.

Talaash-e Noor("Quest for Light"-1965)
Manzil-e Noor("Abode of Light"-1969)
Mataa-e Noor("Treasure House of Light"-1988)
Jaada-e Noor("Pathway of Light"-1992)posthumously
Mauj-e Noor("Wave of Light"-1996)posthumously

Sant Darshan Singh won four academy awards for His poetry and also read his poetry on the All-India Radio and later on the the national government's Doordarshan television network.
He bought out three small collections of his verses in the English translation for the benefit of those who could not read the original.

My Concept of Poetry:Love at Every Step

Cry of the Soul

A Tear and a Star

"This Secret has revealed itself to me:
Love is not a dew drop;
it is a spark of fire."

Sant Darshan Singh

"What does it matter if I am called a man?
In truth I am the very soul of love;
The entire earth is my home
And the universe my country"

Sant Darshan Singh

"Abode of Light" This is an English Translation of Manzil-e-Noor by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj 2023 for the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. See the Book launch in Delhi, India of this beautiful book Book Launch

"Love's Last Madness" 2018 Revised Edition, English translation of excerpts from Sant Darshan Singh's book of poems 'Mataa-e Noor' ('Treasure House of Light') by Barry Lerner and Harbans Singh Bedi