Sant Darshan Singh


Sant Kirpal Singh

Sant Darshan Singh

Sant Darshan Singh was the founder of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission, a spiritual organization with international headquarters in Delhi, India, and over three hundred centers throughout the world. He was the president of the World Fellowship of Religions, and of the World Unity of Man Society. In addition, he was acclaimed as India's greatest living mystic poet writing in the Urdu language, and one of his collections of poems, Manzil-e-Noor (Abode of Light), won for him the Urdu Academy Award for poetry. His English publications include: The Secret of Secrets, spiritual talks; and Cry of the Soul, mystic poetry. He has also published hundreds of articles and poems on spiritual topics in various periodicals. Born in 1921, he began his spiritual training under the guidance of his father, Sant Kirpal Singh, who was the founder of Ruhani Satsang, the first president of the World Fellowship of Religions, the organizer of the first World Unity of Man Conference, and the author of over twenty books on spirituality. Darshan Singh was initiated into the spiritual science in 1926 by Baba Sawan Singh of Beas, and he served in various capacities in the missions of his Master and his Master's successor, Sant Kirpal Singh. In 1942 he began work as a civil servant and rose to a high position in the Indian government. He was married to Mata Harbhajan Kaur and had two children, one of whom is the present Living Master, Sant Rajinder Singh.

"A Heart throbs in every atom,

The atmosphere breaths

and even the dust has life.

Step gently lest any heart be injured,

And breath softly, disturbing no creature."

Sant Darshan Singh